Berrian Valfarren

Eladrin knight seeking the eventual fate of his father.


Not much is known about his capabilities as a fighter, but he commands a force of eladrin knights that number between 30-50.


Abandoned with his sister Analastra in the feywild by his father nearly two-hundred years ago, Berrian Valfarren came to Gardmore Abbey to search for clues. The fey grove that occupies the southern portion of the abbey grounds is sacred to his people and was once the base of operations for his father. At the time Garmore Abbey fell, his father was trapped in the watchtower to the south that was phasing in and out of existence.

Berrian first met the Harper adventurers when they were told to scout the abbey. Lord Earnest Padraig suggested the group should entreat with the Eladrin group in order to gain assistance with ridding the orcs from the abbey grounds. After rescuing Analastra from danger and agreeing to retake the phasing Watchtower, Berrian agreed that there could be a potential union.

It was discovered that his father had survived the phasing of the watchtower into the modern age. However, he was possessed by a power-mad Beholder and was killed by the Harper adventurer group in their attempt to retake the tower. Driven mad by grief, Berrian has retreated into the solitude of the fey grove, contemplating whether or not he should keep his promise to help Lord Padraig with securing the abbey grounds from the orc infestation.

Berrian has kept the adventuring party from getting too close to him and views their actions with suspicion. He is stern and seldom seen far away from the Font of Ion, a magical font found in the fey grove.

Berrian Valfarren

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