Sir Oakley

Galant knight and paladin seeking to purify Guardmore of evil


Sir Oakley is an aging knight who wants to purify Guardmore of the evil that no possesses the ground. Once this is accomplished, his goal is to rekindle the flame of justice and hope that Gardmore once represented.


Sir Oakley’s great-Grandfather Titus Oakley was a knight at Gardmore when it fell in cataclysm. Titus set a plan in motion to one day return to Gardmore Abbey and free it from the grasp of wickedness. Sir Oakley believes the time is now to strike out against the forces of evil at the abbey.

Aged, but not frail, Oakley is more than willing to put his talents to use in a fight against those who would perpetuate the sullying of the once proud abbey. His prime goal is to restore the honor the Knights of Gardmore once had.

Sir Oakley

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