Deck of Many Things

Magically altered cards that can bring alternating fortunes of joy and absolute misery to its users.


A powerful magical deck of cards, with each individual card having unique powers that could lead to riches or ruin. No one knows where the cards came from or if they can be destroyed. Once used as a group, the cards disperse and hide their presence from the world until they sense their baneful chaos would produce more mayhem. The cards are bound together and will pull those individuals luck or unlucky enough to be caught up in their whirlwind of chaos towards the other cards. It is in this way that their ruinous tendencies spread.


The Deck of Many Things was last assembled at Gardmore Abbey more than 150 years ago. The reason for the card’s use is steeped in mystery and rumor, but the use of the collected deck meant the downfall of Gardmore Abbey. The cards are always trying to bind themselves back together. A single card, the Talons, showed up at an auction Cormyr several months ago. Representatives from Thay, Netheril, the Zhentarim, and other interested parties were present at the auction to bid ob rare and useful magical items and antiquities. A group of Harpers infiltrated the secret auction, stole the card, and left before the final bidder, Netheril, could claim their prize.

Deck of Many Things

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